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Letter From The President



North Allegheny Tiger Pride Football & Cheerleading organization would like to welcome everyone to the 2021 Football & Cheerleading season. My name is Lauren Coll and this is my 7th year of involvement with Tiger pride. As your President, my goal is to ensure that Tiger Pride provides a safe, enjoyable, but competitive atmosphere for our children. I want for every child to end the season having had a positive experience and looking forward to the next year. 

This Board of Directors is a very energetic group, with great ideas, and only has the best interest of our children at heart. I’d like to introduce our executive board members; Matt Schmitt (Vice President), Bruce Barnes (Secretary), and Ashley Harlan (Treasurer).  Even with the dedicated BOD members giving 100%, the BOD cannot do it alone. Tiger Pride is a community organization and with that said we’re going to need everyone’s best efforts. 

In the near future Tiger Pride will be seeking Football Coaches for the 2021 season. If you are interested in coaching or know anyone who is interested in coaching please send a letter of intent to or call Lauren Coll at 412-417-7123. 

Again, the success of Tiger Pride is directly attributed to the dedication, professionalism, and pride displayed by our volunteer coaches, volunteer parents, the support of our members (you), and the individuals on the Board of Directors. The exemplary efforts of the entire Tiger Pride family working together for the welfare of our children is indicative of what the word “Community” is all about. Thank you all so much!!! Once again I am PROUD to represent Tiger Pride as your President.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to send me an email at:    Lauren Coll  (President)

Below is the list of ages and weight limits of our league
8 & Under      110 lb weight limit     (age as of July 31st)
9-10                130 lb weight limit    (age as of July 31st)
11-12            150 lb weight limit    (age as of July 31st)
Lauren Coll, President
North Allegheny Tiger Pride